October Athlete Of The Month – Leslie Morris

My Athlete of the Month is Leslie Morris. She competed at the Zena Collins World Cup and won her class. This was Leslie’s first show. Congratulations Leslie, it is a pleasure to work with you.

  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Competition Weight: 125 lbs
  • Years Competing: just getting started

Career Highlights

1st – Zena Collins Gold Cup Class B

Why did you become interested in fitness?

In August of this year I met Adela at my gym. We began lifting weights together and she mentioned competing in an upcoming show in November and so I thought it would be challenging for me. I spoke with my husband about it and he said go for it!

When did you first start working out?

I played about every sport in high school and believe it or not was obsessed about going to the gym. It wasn’t until I had my first child and gained 63lbs that I really started getting serious about weight training.  At this point I got myself a weight lifting belt for women and my physical strength sky rocketed.

I learned more as I went along and with my next 2 pregnancies only gained 33lbs and 24lbs. After my son was born, with my husband’s help, I hit the weights and cardio hard. I also ate healthy and the weight came off. Now I’m addicted.

Do you use any supplements?

I take multivitamins, protein supplements and creatine. I also take fish oils (omega 3). I think sometimes people can overdo it with their supplements. When cutting, I try to take the best ripped supplements that I can find.  I also take protein powder and while there are a lot of protein powder benefits, it’s important to remember that they are a supplement to a healthy diet.

weight lifting with my belt

What other physical activities do you enjoy to stay fit?

I like playing volleyball and softball. I love going to batting cages. But my passion is weights and the gym. I could stay in there all day.

I also enjoy healthy cooking and of course it’s something that I have to also take seriously.

What are your goals within the fitness industry?

I would love to go pro as a figure competitor, but also would love to compete in the WTF obstacle course. It looks so challenging and fun too!

I want to become the best person I can and by that I mean both mentally and of course physically.  This is why I put so much effort into my workouts and eating the right way.

Additional Notes

There are no words for how grateful I am to Adela. She has taught me so much about what it takes to do this. She not only is a fitness icon, but she is my mentor and my friend. I also would like to thank my wonderful husband for all the help with the kids and putting up with me and my diet. Big kisses to my kids who cheer me on everyday too!

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